WOMEN’S DAY & COUNTRY LIVING featured one of my images today and made it their main image for facebook! It was taken via a photographer group I’m a member of, Inspired by Color run by one of my all time favorite photographers, Luisa Dunn out of Australia. Eeeep! I love the image they chose! Its one of my favorites. Such an honor to be among so many talented ladies! Read the article here. UPDATE: This article was also posted on Cosmo and House Beautiful!

New York Newborn Photographer Zoe Hiigli Featured in Women's Day!

New York Newborn Photographer Zoe Hiigli Featured in Women’s Day!



VOGUE editor Michelle Ruiz interviewed me for her article about the rise of Newborn Photography. So cool. Read the article here.

Press ~ VOGUE Magazine ~ New York Maternity & Newborn Photographer Zoe Hiigli



I am SO completely honored to have a solo feature on the blog of my beloved school, creativeLIVE as they introduce me as one of the 2014 Honor Roll. And right under me is Anne Geddes. How cool is THAT!?

Check it out!

NYC Newborn Photographer Zoe Hiigli's creativeLIVE 2014 Honor Roll Feature

NYC Newborn Photographer Zoe Hiigli’s creativeLIVE 2014 Honor Roll Feature


SO PROUD to announce my work was featured on my school’s website for my induction into the Honor Roll. 12 people were picked out of 100 nominations. You can see me and the 11 other creatives in creativeLIVE’s blog post here. Even though they pronounced my name wrong I think I’ll take it, as I aim to be NY’s most Highly Recommended Maternity & Newborn Photographer! lol

Another highlight is being followed on twitter by my beloved school and a congrats! Eeek!